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Benefits To Employers

There are many reasons why you should register your profile and sign up to post job openings:

  • Focus: Job opportunities are targeted to the San Antonio area while drawing on local, national, and international talent, to connect you quickly with candidates pursuing employment in San Antonio. Focusing locally means better service to employers.
  • Choice: Select Job Posting Options based on your needs.
  • Affordable: On-line recruiting provides an affordable medium to best explain your open position and its requirements. Advertising job openings on-line saves money because it is less expensive than newspapers and other traditional media and postings are not limited by space.
  • Competitive Value: The SA JOB NET is one of the lowest cost career sites of its kind on the Internet. Compare its value to other employment-oriented web sites and also evaluate the cost of recruiting fees. Compare our rates and check out the competition to see for yourself.
  • Visibility: The option of linking to a Company Profile Page will help sell your company to new hires and lets you highlight other career opportunities.
  • Exposure: Significantly expand your marketing efforts to attract prospective employees: your reach is world wide, not just local.
  • Quick and Easy: Posting a job is easy! Our simple web-based job posting tool lets you add jobs quickly. Add, modify, and delete your jobs anytime.
  • Fast Results: Forget wading through piles of unqualified résumés. Save time and enjoy the speed and convenience of our web site to quickly conduct a narrow, targeted search for candidates who fit your specific human resources needs. Find the candidates you want with the specific skill and job requirements you need - fast!
  • Immediate Response: Your on-line job posting is available to job seekers through targeted searches and offers an immediate email application response capability, ensuring you receive résumés from more pre-qualified candidates.
  • Real-Time Reports: Once you've posted jobs, you can access your listings 24 hours a day and monitor the number of times they have been viewed and track candidates who apply for them.
  • It's Popular: Aside from networking, searching for jobs on-line is now the most popular form of job hunting. Millions of today's job seekers are conducting their hunt for a new job on the Internet. You can be prepared to meet them in cyberspace.
  • No Additional Investment: You won't need specialized training or an investment in expensive hardware or software.
  • Customer Support: Technical and Non-Technical support is available by e-mail (24 hours) and HumanClick chat and phone during office hours.
  • Monitoring: The SA JOB NET is monitored. This means that only legitimate employers and recruiters can obtain access to the site.
  • Navigable: The SA JOB NET is simple to navigate. Both employers and job seekers benefit from this.


Hint from Heloise - What is a Webpreneur?

An entrepreneur who comes up with business ideas for the Internet and World Wide Web. It's a growing area for jobs. Check on-line or at your local bookstore for more information. E-mail your employment hint or question to HELOISE@compuserve.com.


San Antonio Express-News Classifieds, Sept. 26, 1999


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