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Employers and professional recruiters around the world are increasing their use of the Internet to make their task of finding employees easier. Your company can benefit enormously by joining this new trend and save time and money in the process. And with millions of knowledgeable job seekers using the Internet to find a job, they are shifting to electronic job search as their primary tool. We understand this new paradigm shift and can help you achieve savings in both time and costs.

The SA JOB NET is designed to attract job seekers looking for employment in the San Antonio area. In the SA JOB NET, people seeking employment can view San Antonio job openings or post their résumé. We offer these services to our local employers:

  • Candidate/Résumé search - find the perfect candidate using keywords and other search criteria
  • Job announcements listed in the SA Job Net - listings are maintained for 60 days
  • Manage your profile and job listings - update your company profile, edit or delete job listings as necessary, check the number of times your posted position has been viewed, see which candidates have submitted applications and more
  • Company Profile Pages - boost your company's visibility by signing up for your own special web page highlighting all the great reasons someone would want to work there; this page will also contain a list of all open positions at your company
  • Coming Soon! Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities - get greater visibility through graphic logos and links to existing corporate web sites

Why Register With the SA JOB NET?

In addition to the several benefits offered, here are some good reasons to register your profile and sign up to post job openings:

  • In designing the SA JOB NET, we've decided to keep it local. This means targeting job opportunities in the San Antonio area while drawing on not only local talent, but from job seekers looking to relocate to the San Antonio area. Doing it this way means we can provide better service to local employees.
  • You have a choice of Job Posting Options based on your needs. Compare the value to other employment-oriented web sites on the Internet and also evaluate the cost of recruiting fees. You will discover that the SA JOB NET is a time-saving and cost effective way to recruit outstanding candidates.
  • The SA JOB NET is one of the lowest cost career sites of its kind on the Internet. Check out the competition and see for yourself. We've even made it easy for you to compare our rates against some others.
  • Once you've posted jobs, you can monitor the number of times they have been viewed and track candidates who apply for them.
  • The SA JOB NET is monitored. This means that only legitimate employers and recruiters can obtain access to the site.
  • Our search engine lets you conduct a narrow, targeted search for candidates who fit your specific human resources needs. This saves time from wading through hundreds of paper résumés.
  • The SA JOB NET is simple to navigate. Both employers and job seekers benefit from this.



The secret of success in life, is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.


Benjamin Disraeli


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