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Welcome to the home base for jobs in the San Antonio area!

The SA JOB NET is designed for YOU, the job seeker, in mind. If at any time you have a complaint or suggestion for improving this service, please send email to with your comments.

By concentrating locally on the San Antonio job market we can offer better service to you and San Antonio employers. The SA JOB NET contains an abundance of information and resources for making your job hunting experience run smoother. We offer local job listings, links to other web sites with job openings (both in and out of the San Antonio area), links to web sites having helpful resources for job hunters, a multitude of career related books in various categories, and links to local employment agencies. Our goal is to offer you as much assistance as possible in finding a job in the San Antonio area. If you find the SA JOB NET useful, please tell a friend.

You do not have to register for a profile to take advantage of the job listings and resources in the SA JOB NET. Searching for jobs here is a free service and we encourage you to use the links to other resources for job hunting. If you would like to apply to any jobs you find in the SA JOB NET, however, you will need to enter a profile.

Registering your profile in the SA JOB NET has several benefits. First, you only need to enter your information one time and you can then use it every time you apply to a job. Second, you can easily update your profile information or just modify it for a specific job application (such as changing a cover letter). If you are fortunate enough to find employment, you can also easily delete your profile. Third, having a profile in our database will allow your information to be searched by employers when they screen for job candidates. If you happen to meet their criteria for a position they can fire off an email and contact you immediately. Finally, your profile will be automatically scanned using our Job Search Agent on a regular basis to ensure that you will remain in the running when employers enter new job openings in the database. (Note: the Job Search Agent is not currently functional; we hope to have this working sometime in November)

If you find the SA JOB NET helpful in landing a job, please let us know! Good luck in your job search!


Chuckles - Humorous Job Description

An actuary is someone who brings a fake bomb on a plane, because that decreases the chances that there will be another bomb on the plane.


Laurence J. Peter


"Tell them you found your job in the SA JOB NET!"


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